Friday, January 22, 2016


Talking about colds was not on my list of posts I wanted to write because it does not make me think of healthy or nutritious, but I've had a head cold for a couple of days so it's currently!

This time of year it seems everyone has a cold, is getting over a cold, or doesn't know they're about to get a cold.  The boys' pediatrician told me kids can get 6-12 colds this time of year, and two kids means 12-24 colds--ugh!  And being the caring, sharing children they are, I always end up with at least a mild version.

Before children, having a cold meant staying in my pajamas all day and whining to whatever unfortunate soul was left with me.  Now that I have two kids, it means surviving the day.

When a friend or family member is sick, it's the perfect time to love on them (not literally), and really Jesus wants us to show love to each other.  I've got a few most basic thoughts on loving each other, and being loved with a cold:
  • Double your dinner and bring it to a friend with a cold. If you have the cold, graciously accept the offer.  Don't be a hero, just say yes.  It's a kind gesture, and if they didn't mean it they wouldn't say it.  If they actually didn't want you to accept, then you'll teach them to mean what they say :)
  • Make a fast nutritious soup for your family if you're sick, or if you can tell you're coming down with something, leave this in the fridge to eat on for a few meals.  
  • If you're really thinking ahead of time, make a soup and leave it in the freezer for the next time illness strikes your home, take it to a sick friend, or just have a ready made dinner when you don't want to cook.  Many options here. 
  • If you don't have time to make a meal for a sick friend, pick up some pre-cut fruit at the store to give them.  They'll know you care and the nutrients will help.  
  • When you're sick, be kind to those around you, they want to help.<----Hands down, the hardest one for me, I'm a bear when I'm ill.  
 A sweet friend brought me some amazing black bean soup

Take care of yourself:
  • Be kind to yourself, don't think about the things that need to get done, give yourself permission to rest.  No guilt here!
  • Drink lots of water and with a straw--I read a straw makes you drink more. No idea if it's true, but seriously it can only help.  Plus, they make you feel like a kid again. 
  • This is the time to use paper products when eating--plates, forks, napkins, and cups.  Make life easier for when you're feeling better, or for the person doing all the dishes in your house and taking care of you.  
  • At a bare minimum, get out of your pajamas from the night before, brush your teeth, and wash your face.  If that's all you can bare, fine, go straight to the couch, but these little things will help you feel better about yourself.  
  • Ignore the housework, mostly.  Do a load of laundry, you will need clean clothes when you're feeling better.  It only requires getting up off the couch twice:  1) put the laundry in washer, 2) move it to the dryer.  Leave it there until you're feeling better or someone else can fold it.  
  • If you're sick and can't eat, try some homemade juice if you have a juicer, especially one that uses the whole fruit.  
  • I enjoy congestion tea, I make no miraculous promises, but I think it's helped me in the past.
  • Seriously, please follow whatever your doctor tells you, not what someone tells you on a blog :)
This is my actual cup of congestion tea as I'm writing this post

Congestion tea
8 oz hot water
1 bay leaf
3 shakes of thyme (that's a real measurement...)
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon lemon
1 quick shake of cayenne pepper (this will get your sinuses moving)

Steep for a little bit (another very real measurement), and remove the bay leaf before drinking
As a Kentuckian, I think this recipe is missing bourbon as an ingredient, but I'm nursing a baby, so apparently that's frowned upon right now.  You make your own judgement call on the bourbon. 

If you're sick and home with your littles:
  • this is not the time to vigorously enforce all rules, this is survival, so let the kids watch TV or better yet, a two hour movie.  
  • build a blanket fort, or set up a tent, and bring in the cool mist humidifier.  Let the fort get nice and steamy while you play with them. 
  • if you have additional toys in storage, pull them out, it's like the kids have new toys.  
  • sleep when they do (remember this advice when you had a newborn and never followed it?  Do it now.)  Or, if you kids go to school, take that time to sleep.
  • strap your kid into the high chair, and let them paint on a garbage bag.  Your kid is then stationary, and you just throw the bag away at the end.  
Mamas, let's band together to survive the never ending winter cold.  Do what you've gotta do,support each other, and enjoy the healthy days!


  1. My hubby actually has a cold this very minute, so I'm going to try your congestion tea. He's English (I'm not) so we're big on tea in our house. It sounds pretty yummy to boot.

  2. i've never heard of congestion tea! do you know wht about it that helps?
    i usually do extra extra ginger (and some extra cardamom) in my black tea, and sometimes warmed raw honey with ginger, and turmeric mylk or tea.

  3. The lemon, warm water, honey, and the bay leaf are supposed to help loosen the mucus (yuck), and ease congestion. Cayenne also helps get your sinuses flowing, and thyme makes your cough more productive. It kind of sounds gross, but it doesn't really taste that bad. Ginger and cardamom sound like great additions!


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