Thursday, January 14, 2016

Knowing how to break the rules

In one of my college classes, I very clearly remember my professor telling the class, "You have to know the rules first to know how to properly break them."

His line has stuck with me all these years and I've found it to be true in so many ways, especially eating.

I mentioned in a previous post the guidelines I try to follow in eating, I will also tell you I regularly break some of those rules, but in a way I feel is properly breaking them.  As a wife and mom of two, I want my family to have the best.  However, my sanity is also highly valued by everyone in this family--if mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy.  

Let's take this picture below as an example.  This day, I continually said, "don't play with the toilet paper, don't play with the toilet paper, don't play with the toilet paper."

Whatever, play with the toilet paper.
Sometimes you have to let go of the rules for your sanity

So, here are some of the rules and how I'm totally comfortable breaking them.

Whole foods only:
  • I use some canned stuff (beans and diced tomatoes specifically).  Our family eats A LOT of beans, and the few times I attempted to make them from dried beans, I failed miserably.
  • Snacks for us.  We're on the go a lot with two little ones and trying to make everything from scratch doesn't always happen.  My toddler loves "cake" aka rice cakes and whole wheat crackers.  These are easy snacks to take when I need something to hold us over for a little while.  Can I make crackers?  Yes.  Is it worth my time and energy?  Not right now.  
Sugar free:
  • If we're out and about and we need to eat, but there's sugar in something, I'm not going to starve because of a small amount of sugar.  Do the best you can. 
  • There are these wheat crackers we all love, but they have a small amount of sugar in them.  I still buy them regularly because the trade off for a quick snack with other good nutrients and ingredients is worth it to me. 
Cook from scratch:
  • Tortillas made by me do not taste right.  I usually say I can make anything I can buy, this is one item where I just buy the item.  
Keep snacks on hand:
  • This is how many snacks I currently have in my diaper bag/purse/car------>                     (adds "put snacks in bags and car" on to do list).  However, I never leave the house without some snacks for the boys if we'll be gone longer than an hour.  
Don't get hungry or thirsty:
  • This is an area I struggle with, I get caught up in feeding all the beings in my house that I often come last for eating.  Or, I find myself chugging 40 oz of water before bed, which is a terrible decision when you've given birth to two children. (Mamas you all know what I'm talking about.)  I've gotten slightly better at quick snacks or smoothies I can make/eat while tending to the littles.  
You know what, I've occasionally just broken all the rules.  It's at those times, I find myself hiding what I'm eating/drinking from others.  Usually I end up telling my husband because I need accountability to get back on track.  

Learn the food rules, and learn how to properly break them for your family before healthy eating breaks you and you quit.  There has a be a balance.  Be as crunchy as you can, but give yourself a break and find where you need to be conveniently creamy.  Keep working, you'll get there. 

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