Thursday, January 14, 2016

My loves

You clicked on this title thinking I was going to talk all about my darling family didn't you?  WRONG.  I'm talking about the food books and documentaries I love.  I mean, don't we all sit down a Friday night and think, "Oh, what good food documentary is on tonight?"

No?  Just me?  Whatever.

If you're looking for some inspiration when you're struggling with your healthy journey, or just want to learn more about your food, where it comes, what to eat, how to eat, then these are my favorites.  I'm always looking for more, so if you have suggestions, send them along.
Food Rules by Michael Pollan--I've professed my love for this short, simple read many times, so it makes the top of my list.
Fed Up by Stephanie Soechtig (2014)--An hour and half that will dramatically change your views on sugar.  
Food Inc. by Robert Kenner (2008)--One of the first documentaries I watched about food and really started the wheels moving for me. 
In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan (the book) or In Defense of Food by Michael Schwarz (2015) based on the book--It's like in high school if you didn't want to read the book you watched the movie, but this movie actually follows along the basics of the book.
There's a few of my favorites.  My husband and I recently took down our bookcase and all of my precious books were packed away (tear), so I need to go through the boxes and find some of my other favorites, but this is a place to start.

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