Friday, February 5, 2016

Game day game plan

Alright football fans, and football-fans-one-day-out-of-the-year, it's almost game day!  As in THE GAME DAY--the Super Bowl.  I personally believe organizers of the first Super Bowl had a vision in naming it so, because one day people all over America would be eating their body weight in food in a super bowl for the Super Bowl.

Sorry to disappoint, but I am not providing the blueprint for the perfect Super Bowl party, or cute Pinterest worthy, DIY football decorations. Okay, I'll give you one easy recipe:  kale chips.  They're super simple and will impress guests all around with your culinary kale skills. If you don't like kale still give these a try, you' ll be surprised by the taste.  Or, you can see my post about snack ideas.

Instead, I want to talk about keeping up your healthy eating habits through the game.

My husband proclaims the Super Bowl to be his favorite holiday, so I'm not serving just any old meal.  We're breaking a few regular rules, but keeping with some others (if you're going to eat unhealthy, make it from scratch yourself).  You can see our game plan at the bottom. Let's make a plan for your success, but enjoy the game as well.
  • Break your rules:  It's okay to sometimes break your healthy eating rules, but this should be the exception, not the rule.
  • Draw the line:  Determine what you will eat and what you won't. For example, buffalo wings may be something you don't regularly eat, but you're going to on Sunday because it's the Super Bowl.  However, you may draw the line at the deep fried cookie-brownie combo--good decision.  
  • Set alcohol limits:  If you're going to be drinking, specify the number of drinks you will not exceed--no, 20 drinks is not a real limit.  See the chart below regarding blood alcohol content for your size.  If you are drinking, the healthiest decision you can make is to have a designated driver :)
  • Snack before you go:  Have a little healthy snack before you go so you're not super hungry and more likely to go off plan when the game starts. 
  • BYOF (bring your own food): Bring a healthy dish you love so you know there's at least one good option for you.  
  • Announce it loud and proud:  Tell people you're eating healthier, so they know not to tempt you foods you don't want to eat.
  • Have a friend:  Ensure you have an accountability partner with you to make healthy decisions as well, it will be easier if it's not just you
  • Drink lots of water:  You need to stay hydrated if you're going to be drinking, and it will help you realize when you're full from food and not thirsty. (Side note:  people regularly confuse thirst for hunger, and will eat instead of drinking the water needed.)
  • Fruits and veggies first:  Kick your eating off right with your fruits and veggies first before heading on to the fried stuff
  • Space out your eating:  If you haven't had unhealthy food in awhile and have been saving up for this day, you might get a little overexcited and eat more than you want.  It's a long game, pace yourself.
  • Work you plan:  Make a plan that works for you for this one special day, and then stick to it
  • Congratulate yourself:  See your plan through, feel pride in your accomplishment, and get back to a regular healthy eating plan Monday morning.   
Even if you're not going out to watch the game, have a plan for eating a home.  The game is long and there are lots of tempting commercials, so you don't want to eat mindlessly.

DUI Chart
Source:  State of California DMV

The game plan for my house is as follows.  It's simple because we'll be watching the game at home with two little ones:
  • Snacks will be cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks with my homemade ranch
  • The main meal around halftime will be:  buffalo wings and sweet potato chips
  • Dessert will be a chocolate, date and almond recipe I'm messing with for Valentine's Day 
  • We watch the game at home so there are no extra food temptations, and no drinking and driving
Enjoy the game!  Go Broncos!

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