Tuesday, February 2, 2016

One bad meal

I hope you will find some encouragement from my day yesterday. Let me give you the main idea—I made a terrible dinner. Encouraging aren’t I?

Let me back up to the beginning.

Yesterday I was running through the grocery store with way too much on my mind. The laundry was piled up and not folded, the dishes were threatening to overthrow my kitchen, my toddler had seemingly become possessed, and the to-do list was not getting shorter. So, I was trying to get my groceries as fast as humanly possible with the baby so I can get home to get a few things accomplished. For the record, the possessed toddler wasn’t home alone because he’s been crazy lately, he was at school, you can relax.

When it came time to start cooking dinner, a butternut squash risotto, I was so ready for some time inside my head. Side note: I’ve been really craving winter squashes; something about them is perfect in the winter. Yes, I know I live in southern California and it’s not that cold comparatively. The struggle is not real.
The cooking starts off strong. I'm taking pics because I know it's going to be good. 
 Anyhow, back to my story. Cooking time is me time; time for me to think, quiet time with relaxing music, and time do something I love (at least in theory this is how it’s supposed to go.) I didn’t have an exact recipe for the risotto, but I had the basics and some ideas.
I grabbed everything out I wanted to use and started going. Four ingredients into the recipe something smelled wildly off and I looked at the bottle I was holding “white wine vinegar.” Ugh! I bought the wrong bottle when I was so stressed at the store early. It was supposed to be white cooking wine and I didn’t have enough ingredients to start over. “Maybe it won’t be that bad,” I told myself. “I’ll just add more herbs and spices at the end.” I persevered.

At this point, I know I have a problem and I keep going.  I'm adding in these pictures so there's not so much text :)
For my herbs and spices I had chosen sage, thyme, garlic, salt and pepper. Open the sage, it’s empty. &*%@! Who used all the sage and put back an empty bottle? It was fairly quick to narrow down the suspects since I’m the only one who uses sage. I kept going with the risotto. At this point I’m hobbling to the finish line.
Looks appetizing doesn't it?  It wasn't. 

The risotto is finally ready, and it’s bad, but I ate it because I was so hungry. My husband tried to put on a brave face.

Me: The risotto isn’t very good.

Him: I like vinegar, it’s not that bad.

(30 seconds later)

Me: Are you finished already? Wow, I guess you don’t mind vinegar.

Him: Uh no, I had to quit eating, the vinegar’s too strong. (Bless his heart.)

Here’s where I hope you’ll find encouragement. I could have posted these pictures with a made up recipe that I think will work, but I wanted to be honest.  I post pictures, recipes, and highlights of the things I do to try to be healthy, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. I will be cooking dinner again tonight, I’m not quitting just because of one bad meal. So, if you get off your plan of healthy eating, cook a bad meal, or miss an exercise, don’t beat yourself up. Keep going and try again.

PS—I’m going to aim for the butternut squash risotto again someday and I hope to have a recipe for you without vinegar :)


  1. I absolutely love the honesty of this post. It's rare to see someone so truthful

    1. Yeah, I can't keep up the facade of perfect meals and perfect eating. My errors just coming bursting out of me. I can't help it.

  2. This post had me laughing so hard...mainly because I've done this kind of thing many times before. My husband is rarely that brave though...and thankfully he will take over the cooking once I make a mistake ;)

    1. Thanks! My husband just turned to chips and salsa for the rest of dinner. He survived.

  3. Haha, I loved this! I think we've all been there :)

  4. Haha. It happens. I once made a terrible corn dog casserole that none of us could stomach. Haha.

  5. I wish I loved cooking and got the peace it gives you! Every time I start making dinner my son thinks it's time to need me for everything imaginable!

    1. Ok, my toddler does as well. I keep telling my husband I shouldn't have said I wanted an open concept in our house, all I want now is a door on my kitchen!


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