Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Smoothies made easier

My smoothies have a new BFF in the form of a canning jar.

Recently, I saw this "hack" of attaching a blender base to a canning jar. This works for most blenders, but not all of them.  (Side note:  I absolutely hate when I see "life hacks" on Facebook.  I do not want any part of my life hacked, it sounds awful.  And don't get me started on the videos of "You've been doing ____ wrong".  No I haven't been doing it wrong.  I've successfully cut cake and watermelon up to this point in my life, it's not wrong!)

Rant over.  Back to my smoothies.  As silly as this sounds, sometimes I don't want to make them in the mornings because of extra dishes.  If the sink is really full, a bowl of oatmeal will only dirty one dish, whereas a smoothie will dirty two:  the cup I drink out of and the blender.  The oatmeal wins.

I needed a new gasket anyhow for my blender after I didn't put it back on correctly and it shredded into pieces, so I got a new one in a pack with a whole new blender base.  Now I have two blender bases--woo hoo!  It's much easier to clean just the base and the jar instead of the whole blender and my cup, and I'm all about less dishes.

My immersion blender in a canning jar also works well and I've started using that some too.  It worked really well and still left me with less dishes than a regular blender.

Here's the basics of add a canning jar to your blender:

1. Get your blender out
My regular blender
2. Unscrew the base with the blade and gasket (grey ring).  Off topic for just a second, if you're reading this thinking, "I've never taken the base off my blender." Go ahead and do that now, it probably needs a good cleaning if it does come off. There's lots of nooks and crannies.
The blender base screws off easily.
3.  Make sure you are using a regular mouth size canning jar, not a wide mouth to attach the blender base.  One time, I had a beautiful smoothie built and then I realized I grabbed a wide mouth jar, and some unkind words came out of my mouth.  (The wide mouth jar will work well with an immersion blender though.)
Regular size mouth on the left, wide mouth on the right. 
4.  Put your smoothie ingredients in your jar, and add the blender base on top
All the ingredients loaded
5.  Blend and enjoy!
One beautiful smoothie

  • Add any powders/seeds at the end, otherwise they will get stuck to the top of the jar (as they did in the picture above)
  • Put the frozen fruits in after your fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Place the gasket (the gray ring) on the jar first, then position the blade and add the base last, otherwise your gasket might not line up correctly.  I have used the base without the gasket and it worked out okay.  A little bit seeped out, but it was a quick wipe.  
  • Take the blender base off over the sink, there might be some liquid running out
These are the products I use if you're looking for an additional base, jars, or an awesome immersion blender--so many uses for this one. If you do get an immersion blender, make sure it's one that comes apart so you can put the blade part in the dishwasher.

I don't have these, but I want these metal lids and BPA free straws.  Aren't they fun?!?

*I don't intend on having lots of links to Amazon products, but I wanted to show you exactly what I use.  The Amazon links are affiliate links.  


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